Gold Standard DAT: Books, Videos, Practice Tests and Whiteboard


Gold Standard DAT has put together multimedia packages so that you can learn more, and pay less, in your journey to become a dentist. We are the first to create a comprehensive set of DAT books that cover the entire exam irrespective of the DAT score that you are aiming for. We are the first to create a DAT whiteboard (i.e., noteboard, notepad) to simulate the “scratch pad” you will have during the real exam. Gold Standard is also the first to present you with true, integrated multimedia with books, videos, apps and over 7000 practice questions.

OAT Books and Practice Tests

OAT - Optometry Admission Test

The OAT is a standardized exam for admission to schools of optometry. The OAT is essentially designed by the ADA and is identical to its DAT counterpart except that the PAT section is replaced with Physics. Evidently, Physics is considered to be more relevant to optometry. Gold Standard also offers multimedia, comprehensive preparation for the optometry admission test.

MCAT Prep, MCAT Sample Questions and Practice Tests

MCAT - Medical College Admission Test

The MCAT is a standardized exam for admission to medical schools in the United States, Canada, Australia, and some Caribbean Islands. The MCAT is designed by the AAMC and has evolved to be very different from the DAT and OAT. It is hours longer, more subjects are involved (e.g., Biochemistry, Psychology, Sociology), and the questions are rarely a matter of simply having the knowledge to answer. Most questions require higher-order thinking skills to process graphs, tables, research or otherwise complex passages. Gold Standard also offers complete preparation packages for the MCAT.

GAMSAT Preparation and Practice Tests

GAMSAT - Graduate Medical School Admissions Test

The GAMSAT is also a standardized exam for medical schools but for those aiming for graduate-entry medicine in Australia, the UK, Ireland and a handful of other international locations. GAMSAT was more similar to the MCAT 20 years ago but the 2 exams have significantly diverged. The MCAT subjects not found in the DAT, are also not found in the GAMSAT. The latter has an essay-writing section which has not been a component of the MCAT in many years. However, GAMSAT is also a computer-based test and it is also a full-day exam experience. Gold Standard also offers a multimedia learning experience for the GAMSAT.

DAT Prep Evolved, and So Did We

What is the DAT?

The Dental Admission Test (DAT) consists of 280 multiple-choice questions distributed across quite a diversity of question types in four tests. The DAT is a computer-based test (CBT). This exam requires approximately five hours to complete. There is an optional 15 minute break. The four subtests of the Dental Admission Test are:

  1. Survey of the Natural Sciences – 100 questions (90 mins)

    • General Biology: 40 questions
    • General Chemistry: 30 questions
    • Organic Chemistry: 30 questions

  2. Perceptual Ability Test – 90 questions (60 mins)

    This section is composed of six separate 15-item sections: (i) apertures; (ii) view recognition; (iii) angle discrimination; (iv) paper folding; (v) cube counting; and (vi) 3-D form development.

  3. Quantitative Reasoning – 40 questions (45 mins)
  4. Reading Comprehension – 50 questions (60 mins)
    • 3 reading passages